Analyzing an Ethical Decision Essay Assignment Discussion examples

Analyzing an Ethical Decision Essay Assignment Discussion examples.

In your role as a PMHNP, you will encounter several situations that will require your ability to make sound judgments and practice decisions for the safety and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. There may not be a clear-cut answer of how to address the issue, but your ethical decision making must be based on evidenced-based practice and what is good, right, and beneficial for patients. Analyzing an Ethical Decision Essay Assignment Discussion examples. You will encounter patients who do not hold your values, but you must remain professional and unbiased in the care you provide to all patients regardless of their socio-demographic and ethnic/racial background. You must be prepared to critically analyze ethical situations and develop an appropriate plan of action. For this Assignment, you review the literature and discover the various ethical dilemmas PMHNPs encounter and how these issues are typically addressed in your state.


Learning Objectives
Students will:
• Analyze salient ethical issues in psychiatric mental health practice
• Compare ethical dilemmas with state health laws and regulations
• Analyze ethical decision-making processes
To prepare:
• Review literature for moral/ethical issues encountered by a PMHNP.
• Select one of the articles you found that was published within the last 5 years to use as a focus for this assignment.
Write a 2-page Analyzing an Ethical Decision Essay Assignment Discussion examples paper in which you do the following:
• Summarize the moral/ethical issue in the article (no more than 1 paragraph).
• Describe the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding the issue.
• Analyze the ethical issue and compare them to the state health laws and regulations in your state.
• Outline the process of ethical decision making you would use to address this ethical dilemma.
Note: Be sure to use the Practicum Journal Template, located in this week’s Learning Resources.

see attached samples.

YMH Boston Vignette 4 Video Questions


Comprehensive, integrated psychiatric assessment with adolescents is essential as it provides information that can be utilized in the development of appropriate intervention (AACAP, 2012a). Similarly, the practitioner has the opportunity to learn more about nature, consequences, and correlates the adolescent’s mental health problems using behavior changes (Gajbhare, 2014). Besides, the assessment also provides the practitioner with the extent to which the adolescent’s family can be involved not only in the comprehensive assessment but also in potential subsequent interventions (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Further, the assessment begins the process of responding creatively to the adolescent’s denial and resistance as in the case of the vignette four video. This phase can be used as the initial stage of treatment experience. As such, is essential to examine the Vignette 4 video to determine the areas in which the practitioner did well and the areas that need improvement. Analyzing an Ethical Decision Essay Assignment Discussion examples.

The Areas the Practitioner Did Well

From the Vignette 4 video on Introduction to a Mental Health Assessment, the practitioner did well in informing the 16-year old boy patient about his rights to confidentiality and privacy which is an essential part of every introductory medical and mental health appointment (YMH Boston., 2013c). Analyzing an Ethical Decision Essay Assignment Discussion examples. He explained to the patient that the information he will provide will be kept confidential and that he will not reveal anything to his parents except when the information indicates that he is likely to cause harm to himself or other people. In an interview with adolescents, it is essential to recognize that confidentiality is the cornerstone of the therapeutic relationship. Without clarification of the limits of confidentiality, the practitioner may likely obtain incorrect or incomplete information during the history taking (YMH Boston, 2013a). Further, the practitioner did well in engaging the patient with open-ended questions about the problems he experiences at home and in school.

Areas that Need Improvement

From the video, it is clear that the practitioner needs to avoid the negative perception of his patients. It was clear that the practitioner’s facial expression and tone indicated that he was having some negative attitudes towards the patient when the teen said that his mother thinks he has anger management problem (American Psychological Association, 2017). Similarly, the practitioner needs to elicit strategies for the patient to communicate with his mother more effectively (YMH Boston., 2013c). Analyzing an Ethical Decision Essay Assignment Discussion examples.

Compelling Concerns

At this point of the clinical interview, there are various compelling concerns arising from the teenage-parent conflict. The patient presents as angry and disinterested (YMH Boston., 2013c). It is clear that the teen is going through a lot of stressful situations in his life. The teen seems to have anger management problem. However, this behavior could as a result of his developmental stage. At this stage, he wants to please his parents but at the same time wants to break away (Sadock, Sadock, & Ruiz, 2014). Similarly, the teen experiences a lot of peer pressure and peers are becoming more important at this stage in his life than his parents. The teen also experiences a lot of physiological and psychological changes in his life that he has to handle (Laureate Education, 2017). All these stressful situations result in a melting pot of teenage emotions which leads to anger. In most cases, the target of those emotions is often directed at parents, which explains why the parent feels that the boy has anger management problem. Similarly, teens often feel uncomfortable opening to their parents and find it awkward and annoying. The teens also do not like it when people push them around. They prefer to be around people who listen to them than those who command or order them around. Analyzing an Ethical Decision Essay Assignment Discussion examples.

In this Analyzing an Ethical Decision Essay Assignment Discussion examples assessment, the next question to ask the boy would be: “How do you get along with your father? It is essential to ask this question because he has spent the entire session talking about his mother and other persons in school. The practitioner needs to know how the patient relates to his family members to determine the appropriate intervention.



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