Nursing Department SWOT Analysis

Nursing Department SWOT Analysis

In W3: Assignment 2, you began preparing a SWOT analysis of your nursing department or unit based upon a selected leadership issue or topic. This week, you will finalize your SWOT analysis and submit your assignment in the format of a presentation.

Week 5 Tasks

Begin this Nursing Department SWOT Analysis assignment by incorporating the instructor’s feedback on the SWOT analysis you submitted in Week 3.

Then, prepare a 6–8-slide PowerPoint presentation covering the following:

Provide a brief explanation of your selected leadership issue or topic.


Identify a minimum of four strengths, four weaknesses, two opportunities, and two threats for your nursing department. Provide a rationale for each.

Provide a note on the relevance and implications of your SWOT analysis. Include a minimum of four peer-reviewed references in support of your note.

Suggest at least one recommendation or change based on your analysis. Provide a rationale in support of your Nursing Department SWOT Analysis suggestion.

Explain how you will use this information to create a strategic plan for your nursing department or unit.

Use APA style and formatting for your assignment. Make sure to include the following in your presentation:

A title and a reference slide (these do not count toward the number of slides in your assignment)

Headings for each slide or section

Speaker notes in support of the information in each slide

Submit your Nursing Department SWOT Analysis assessment as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to the W5: Assignment 2 Dropbox

On a separate page, cite all sources using the APA format.

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