Obamacare Act Essay

Obamacare Act Essay


Welcome to our second discussion forum for week 3. This topic is very important not only for healthcare providers but for covered patients, which as of the enactment of this law, includes everyone in the United States.

  • With that said, using your LIRN or outside resources, research what is the most up to date information on the Obamacare Act. How much has the U.S paid for healthcare in the last 5 years?


Cite your resources properly.

Make sure that your primary post is at least 150 words and your two responses to your classmates are 50 words each.

Here is a helpful link:

  • The White House President Barack Obama. (2010). Health care that works for Americans.
  • Available at: https://www.whitehouse.gov/healthreform/healthcare-overview
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