Online Psychology Essay

Online Psychology Essay

There are three main groups of psychology students. The first group reads as they write, without giving the paper adequate attention. Most members of this group might get the job done, but their writing tends to be tangential and lacks depth. Besides, they might not always like the grade they earn. The second group procrastinates until they can’t procrastinate anymore. The only thing that worries them is a fast-moving deadline. Many of these rarely complete their assignments, and those who do don’t do a great job. Most of these get a poor grade or no grade at all. These students can greatly benefit from online psychology essay writing help. Finally, there are those who plan meticulously, read quality sources, and hammer out an essay that gets noticed. These may or may not need some online psychology essay help, but they always get it right.

Where Do You Belong? Need Some Online Psychology Essay Help?

If you are honest with yourself, you know in which category you belong. You want to be in the third group, but that does come with its challenges. The third group contains students who get down to work as soon as they get their professor’s instructions. Some of these students take themselves too seriously. It is not uncommon for them to have a low-quality social life or no social life at all. Do the members of this crowd sound cool?


Not Everyone in This Group is the Same, Though

Some of them come to us as early as they can and request the online psychology essay help they need to succeed. They plan everything, and for them, essay writing isn’t just another assignment they must complete. To them, essay writing in psychology is an important part of learning that helps them develop critical skills such as critical thinking, analytical, research, and writing skills.

Members of the other two groups we discussed in the previous section might think these guys are boring. But that is not always true. No matter the group you belong in, we can help. Don’t stay stuck; consult our psychology writing experts.


Where Do I Start?

The reason a lot of tasks don’t get completed is that people often don’t know where to start. If they can’t start, they certainly can’t finish. But you’re here. We want to prepare you and help you boost your confidence. Hopefully, starting your writing will stop being the difficult thing it probably seems to be.

You start by analyzing your essay question. Gain a crystal clear understanding of precisely what your psychology professor wants. Hint: look at the action verb(s) used. It could be “explain,” “Discuss,” “Compare and contrast,” “Evaluate,” “Criticize,” or “Assess” among other action verbs.

Once you get that, writing your psychology essay begins to look like something that’s more manageable. Then, read your notes. You don’t need to have grasped the finer details of all the relevant theories, evidence and facts. What you need is a general understanding of topic-relevant literature. This is preliminary reading.  It gets you closer to your essay writing goals.


Planning Your Paper and Doing Supplementary Reading

Usually, reading your class notes doesn’t deliver all the information you require to write an excellent psychology essay. You always must do further reading. At this point, you’ve decided which topic areas need more information or knowledge. So, head straight to the library. Or access your Mac; it is always a Mac, isn’t it? Search for the material you need in online databases.

How long should the intro, body, and conclusion be? Usually, your professor will give you a specific word count. In this case, let your introductory paragraph carry roughly 10 percent of the total word count. The conclusion should generally be as long as your intro, but these aren’t hard and fast rules. The body gets the rest of the word count, of course. Clearly, you must dedicate 80 percent of your focus to researching, organizing, structuring, writing, editing, and proofreading your essay’s body. IMPORTANT: always read and understand your teacher’s rubric. That’s the yardstick your instructor uses to measure the quality of your paper, after all.

Where Do I get Quality Sources for My Psychology Paper?

Look at Google Scholar, Google Books, and online databases. Which online databases? Some of the best online databases include ScienceOpen, Directory of Open Access Journals, Social Science Research Network, Paperity, and Zenodo. We almost forgot DLC — Digital Library of the Commons. While some of the peer-reviewed articles on these databases might exist behind a paywall, you can access thousands of FREE, high-quality sources.

The goal of your supplementary reading is to add to the information you obtained from your notes. It gives you a deeper understanding of key concepts and theories. This phase of the writing process also enables you to develop a mind map. Most importantly, reading different sources coupled with your notes helps you to cobble up your thesis statement. Finally, create an outline for your psychology essay. Remember to list down all the sources you review. You’ll need them down the road. You’re rolling!


Why Not Write My Psychology Essay as I read?

Nothing prevents you from doing that. However, there are good reasons you should use a different approach. In our experience, typing your paper as you read tends to waste time. Also, it’s hard to perform a complete critical evaluation of research or theories if you can’t set aside sufficient time for it. How can you focus on critical evaluation when your mind does too many things at the same time?

Moreover, writing as you read almost always leads to a paper that’s not as good as you are. Preliminary and supplementary reading, writing your thesis statement and outline, and thinking about your paper’s structure help you write faster and with greater ease. Most importantly, the end product of the writing process is a top-notch psychology essay that easily earns points during grading.


What is Critical Evaluation?

Critical evaluation entails pointing out the strengths and limitations of a theory or study. Decide whether the source is valid or reliable. Do you think the researcher (s) used a biased sample? Can the findings from the study apply to other populations? Look at the data and method used. What do you think are the limitations of the data and method? What are the strengths? Be sure to justify your criticism.

Critical evaluation also involves comparing and contrasting different theories. As you do this, always shed light on the value of each theory. You can also focus on the ethical issues of the studies reviewed. Finally, you can discuss whether there is any gender or cultural bias that detracts from the studies you’ve examined.


Structuring Your Essay: Need a Little Online Psychology Essay Help?

Sometimes, your professor gives clear instructions regarding the specific structure your psychology essay must follow. Regardless of the format favored, your essay MUST have these three sections: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.


A Good Psychology Essay Structure

A good essay structure allows you to organize your ideas logically and sequentially. Your readers (most importantly your prof) have logical minds. They’ll quickly notice it if your essay presents information haphazardly. When ideas, sentences, and paragraphs flow smoothly into each other, we say your psychology essay has attained a state called flow. An essay that flows is not only easy to read and understand, but it is also an interesting read.

An essay with a good structure subtly and easily links the introduction to the body and conclusion. Such an essay aligns every word, sentence, and paragraph into a unified whole. And your reader(s) will love you for it.

You’ve likely selected and bought many consumer products just because you thought they looked amazing. Probably, it’s the packaging that drew you to those products. A well-thought-out structure is to a psychology essay what a beautiful package is to a great product. So, get the structure right.

Every Paragraph Presents One Main Theme: Avoid Confusing Your Readers


Every paragraph should present a specific theme. Here’s where your sources come in handy. You must choose words carefully. The right words help you paint pictures that stay with your audience during their reading and beyond. Use the simplest words possible to illustrate each theme. Facts and evidence from your sources should help you support and expand each argument. Developing your paragraphs is more like adding a bit of meat to your outline.


Cite Your Work Accurately: Perhaps You Need a Bit of Our Online Psychology Essay Help?

Remember: every time you include a fact that isn’t general knowledge, cite properly. General knowledge statements are facts known to everyone. You don’t, for example, need a citation for a statement such as “The sun rises in the east.” Or that “Most people would rather be happy than stressed out.” Where you’re unsure how to proceed, ALWAYS cite. Typically, APA is the preferred referencing style for psychology papers.

You must always check your professor’s instructions to confirm whether they want you to use APA. Sometimes, your teacher might ask you to use a modified version of APA or even a different editorial style. Be sure you fully grasp all APA guidelines, or you’ll end up losing free points.


A Well-written Psychology Essay is More than Just a Collection of Pieces of Information

Your essay must not be just a collection of facts. Your writing must demonstrate your ability to think critically. Each paragraph presented should display independent thinking, interesting insights, and a careful evaluation of evidence. Essentially, your essay must tell the reader something they didn’t know. At least, the reader should be able to say “Well, I hadn’t considered this point of view. And I certainly don’t agree with it. But let me read through the essay. I might just get convinced.”

Need a little online psychology essay help? Help is right HERE.  Ask us questions, and our well-trained and experienced consultants will answer. You’ll like our prices. Our quality is, as usual, exceptional. Our money-back policy protects you. Act now.


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