Perception of Aging Discussion Essay

Perception of Aging Discussion Essay

Discuss your own philosophy of aging. When do you think a person becomes elderly? What do you think of older people? Are they active, senile, debilitated, etc.? Give a description of an elderly person that you know.

Perception of Aging

The aging process begins from birth and follows a predictable sigmoid curve that ultimately leads to the loss of all body functions and death. In fact, aging is linked with both cognitive and physical declines. This predictable pattern occurs if growth is allowed to progress without hindrance. The more current improvement to medical treatment approaches, research and technology allow for individuals to have longer lifespans. Perception of Aging Discussion Essay. In essence, these improvements have only managed to slow down the deteriorative physical and cognitive growth process. This implies that advancing in age does not necessarily imply becoming dependent and frail. Similar to other population identifiers, aging is not a uniform process that relies on time. That is because aging is socially diverse, and is affected by ongoing medical, economic and social changes that present different circumstances, settings and needs (Harlew, 2013). For instance, a man who ate healthy foods may appear less aged when compared to a similar aged counterpart who mostly ate junk food.


Kamouni (2016) reports on one of the scientific advances reported to reverse aging. In fact, the online newspaper article reports on the development of an anti-ageing compound by British scientists. In this case, the scientists linked to Nottingham University stated that they had identified a cellular protein (carbonic anhydrase) located in the mitochondria and responsible for aging. The study noted that the proteins’ quantities increased with advance in age to imply that older individuals had a larger quantity of the protein when compared to their younger counterparts (Kamouni, 2016) Perception of Aging Discussion Essay.

Tangible evidence collected from experimental studies involving mice as subjects noted that the identified protein was present in the muscle cells and brain tissue thereby supporting the scientists’ assertions and reports. Also, it was observed that mice with brain deterioration reported higher amounts of the protein. This led the scientists to deduct that carbon anhydrase is linked to degeneration of the body and brain. To validate their results, the scientific researchers synthesized the protein then used it to treat nematode worms. Comparing the results between untreated and treated worms showed that the treated warms had a shorter lifespan than their untreated counterparts. Perception of Aging Discussion Essay. Following this results, they conclude that the protein’s function was to facilitate the aging process. Working with this evidence (that carbonic anhydrase is responsible for aging), they postulated that inhibiting the protein action would effectively slow or even halt the aging process. They anticipate that once these inhibitors are identified, they could then be packaged and sold as pharmaceutical drugs (Kamouni, 2016). In this respect, aging can be considered as the increased accumulation and concentration of carbon anhydrase in the body since its function is to increase cognitive and physical declines Perception of Aging Discussion Essay.


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