PICOT Project Paper and PowerPoint Presentation

PICOT Project Paper and PowerPoint Presentation

Your paper for the course project should be a 3 page APA paper (not including title page and the reference page)Turn in a reference page in APA format. You must use three (3) or more relevant sources; to ensure the readings are relevant and current, the selected peer reviewed article must have been written within the past three (3) years. that describes the clinical problem and the following:


Reason for choosing this topic The PICOT question Possible integration of the evidenced that you found in clinical practice Methods to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation

MY PICOT QUESTION IS: In school-age children (P), what is the effect of a school- based physical activity program (I) on a reduction in the incidence of childhood obesity(O) compared with no intervention (C) within a 1 year period(T)?

Also, your staff development PICOT Project Paper and PowerPoint Presentation will include the information from your written paper in 12 slides (including a title and reference slide in APA format). Make sure to include speaker notes at the bottom of your slide to explain the content of your slide.

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