7 Step Decision Making Model

7 Step Decision Making Model

Module 1 Written Assignment: 7 Step Model

Create a possible ethical dilemma relating to your chosen field. For example:  You are a Medical Assistant and your supervising physician consistently asks you to perform procedures that you are not trained for.  Or, you are a Medical Biller and your supervisor has asked you to overbill certain procedures because the clinic that you work for is in financial trouble.  Using the 7 Step Decision Making Model, apply the facts of your dilemma. After you provide a summary of your situation, you will fill in this worksheet by answering the questions of the 7 Step Model to resolve your ethical situation. 7 Step Decision Making Model.

Summary of the Situation:

The Seven-Step Decision Model

  1. Determine the facts by asking the following questions.

What do we need to know?


Who is involved in the situation?

Where does the ethical situation take place?

When does it occur?

  1. Define the precise ethical issue.

For example, is it a matter of fairness, justice, morality, or individual rights?

III. Identify the major principles, rules, and values. 7 Step Decision Making Model

For example, is this a matter of integrity, quality, respect for others, or profit?

  1. Specify the alternatives.

List the major alternative courses of action, including those that represent some form of compromise. This may be a choice between simply doing or not doing something.

  1. Compare values and alternatives.

Determine if there is one principle or value, or a combination of principles and values, that is so compelling that the proper alternative is clear.

  1. Assess the consequences.

Identify short-term, long-term, positive, and negative consequences for the major alternatives. The short-term gain or loss is often overridden when long-term consequences are considered. This step often reveals an unanticipated result of major importance. 7 Step Decision Making Model.

VII. Make a decision.

The consequences are balanced against one’s primary principles or values. Always double-check your decision.

7 Step Decision Making Model


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