Bisphenol A Essay – Principles of Toxicology







Bisphenol A also known as BPA has for a long time been a chemical with contradicting issues. BPA is a chemical that for many years has been used in the hardening of plastics. This chemical is found in almost everything, like some medical device, dental sealants, water bottles, water discs, the lining of canned food and drinks as well as many other products. According to studies over 90% of people use BPA in their bodies (Vaughn, 2010).  Most of it gets in the body while we eat foods that have been in containers that are made of BPA. It is possible to pick this chemical through dust, water and air.

This chemical is also common in Sippy cups, baby bottles, beauty formula cans and other products that are used in infants and young children. According to the report given by the health departments, children toys do not have BPA. On the same note the outer shield of some pacifiers have BPA. However, his chemical is not found on the nipple that the baby sucks. For a long time, people used BPA without thinking of the risks and the harm it can bring especially to children. According to studies, there are some concerns about the use of BPA. These products can affect the prostate glands in fetus and children, brain and the way a person behaves (Gibert, 2015).

On the other hand, there is the benefit that is brought by using BPA. For instance, BPA is used in the making of some critical components of the numerous medical device as well as their housings. BPA has an optical clarity that is used for direct observation of fluids in the body including the blood (Vogel, 2012). By observing the liquids, the health caregivers can be able to monitor the flow. The health care gives depended on the equipment as well as medical devices that have been made with BPA so that they can be able to have a transparent view of the body of a human (Hayes & Laudan, 2009). This view makes it easy for them to check for the presence of air bubbles or any other obstructions during the procedure.

Note that numerous different things that can be said about BPA, but in my opinion, this chemical should continue to be used due to the benefits that it brings. For instance without this chemical, there could have been many deaths that could rise from obstructions in the body fluids when a patient is undergoing medication (Rosenfeld & Feng, 2011).. Unless there is a100% prove of damages that this medicine brings, and then it should continue to be used. Science comes up with theories that are challenged every day. The theory behind BPA is one of such. They have not produced clear prove that shows the product is poisonous.

By burning BPA there are so many areas that will be affected, this chemical makes a broad range of things like receipt of the store sales, police shield, reading glasses, bullet prove glass, LED lights and many more. This is some of the things that are used on daily basis; some of them are even used to aid day to day living. This is the reason that cutting BPA out of the market will mean bringing a lot of things to a standstill. To avoid this, scientist, should continue with their study and come up with something that is concrete. A point that should be considered is that for a long time BPA has been used, even on infants and little or no harm came on their way.

In conclusion, there are so many chemicals that have the benefit on humans, and yet it also causes serious damage. BPA, if any at all causes low harm on humans and should not be banned.





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