Clinical Nursing Practice – Maternal Health Nursing theory

Clinical Nursing Practice – Maternal Health Nursing theory

Your Clinical Nursing Practice



Choose two or three of the articles below that describe various types of theories and relate them to your own clinical nursing practice:


**** Clinical Nursing Practice to relate to is Maternal Health Nursing (Postpartum)


My clinical nursing practice is maternal health nursing. Maternal Health Nursing is a framework of a healthcare provider for the women who bare a child. Maternal Health Nursing practice seeks to approach the process of birth as a natural life event (Mattson & Smith, 2015). Additionally, this practice involves healthcare to mothers with a new born and prenatal care given to pregnant women. Clinical Nursing Practice – Maternal Health Nursing theory This paper seeks to address my role as a Maternal Health Nurse.

As a Maternal Health Nurse must retain knowledge and skills that will allow me to assist my patients. This is because the Maternal Health Nurse serves in roles which relate t operational, recovery, delivery, labor and managing high-risk pregnancies. Specific roles performed by Maternal Health Nurse include identifying postpartum complications, cesarean delivery, and fetal monitoring. Clinical Nursing Practice – Maternal Health Nursing theory. This means that as a Maternal Health Nurse, you need technical skills which can help you in understanding procedures and advanced equipment (Clark, Beatty & Fletcher, 2016). This also involves continuing with education to know new practices and stay up-to-date on the lattes innovations. Also, basic nursing skills are also a requirement in Maternal Health Nursing. These include families and patient education, pain management, communication, diagnosis, and assessment.

Areas of experience in Maternal Health Nursing include child treatment and treating a pregnant teenager. Furthermore, Maternal Health Nursing involves caring for a baby and a mother simultaneously (Mattson & Smith, 2015). Maternal health nursing practices also encompass health care dimensions during the prenatal period, preconception, and family planning to ensure a fulfilling and positive experience (Clark, Beatty & Fletcher, 2016). This will help to reduce the cases of maternal mortality and maternal morbidity. Hence, maternal health nursing is important because it helps in caring for mothers and their newborn.




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Clark, K., Beatty, S., & Fletcher, T. (2016). Maternal and child health nursing services: perspectives of parents. Australian Journal of Child and Family Health Nursing13(1), 8. Clinical Nursing Practice – Maternal Health Nursing theory



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