NR 509 Week 4 Shadow Health Cardiovascular Physical Assessment Assignment

Pre Brief
Over the last month, Tina has experienced 3-4 episodes of perceived rapid heart rate. She describes these episodes as “thumping in her chest” with a heart rate that is “way faster than usual”. She does not associate the rapid heart rate with a specific event, but notes that they usually occur about once per week in the morning on her commute to class. The episodes generally last between 5 and 10 minutes and resolve spontaneously. She denies chest pain during the episodes. Be sure to apply the supportive information learned in the cardiovascular concept lab to your critical thinking process in this case study. Reason for visit: Patient presents complaining of recent episodes of fast heartbeat.
Results Included:
  • Overview
  • Transcript
  • Subjective Data Collection
  • Objective Data Collection
  • Education & Empathy
  • Documentation
  • Lifespan
  • Review Questions
  • Self-Reflection
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