NR 509 Week 4 Shadow Health Chest Pain Physical Assessment Assignment

Pre Brief
This assignment provides the opportunity to conduct a focused exam on a patient presenting with recent episodes of chest pain in a non-emergency setting. Interview Mr. Foster and be sure to thoroughly assess the cardiovascular system as well as related body systems in order to compile a list of differential diagnoses. This case study offers you the opportunity to evaluate Mr. Foster’s personal and family history with heart disease and identify lifestyle risk factors. During the physical examination, thoroughly examine the cardiovascular system and carefully evaluate and document the patient’s heart sounds. Reason for visit: Patient presents complaining recurrent chest pain.
  • Chest Pain Results: Overview
  • Chest Pain Results: Transcript
  • Chest Pain Results: Subjective Data Collection
  • Chest Pain Results: Objective Data Collection
  • Chest Pain Results: Education & Empathy
  • Chest Pain Results: Documentation
  • Chest Pain Results: Self-Reflection
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