Palliative care dissertation topics

Palliative care is also known as end-of-life care. As the name suggests, palliative care target those sectors that are associated with caring for patients who are approaching the final stages of their lives. However, this domain is often witnessed in first-world countries. Developing countries are still behind in terms of palliative care research areas and topics. In this blog, we will explore palliative care dissertation topics. Read on to learn more.

How to choose amazing palliative care dissertation topics

If you enjoy creating your own palliative care topics, you will find it fun exploring various topics. You need to learn how to choose amazing palliative care dissertation topics to maximize your potential.

Selecting various topics in a palliative dissertation can be a painstaking task. Luckily, you can turn this daunting task into something enjoyable. You only need to learn the best approach that is suitable for your discussion.

In addition, you can select exciting and intriguing palliative care dissertation topics for your paper. There are plenty of palliative care essay topic ideas that can help you write a good paper. Here are things to keep in mind when considering a perfect topic;

  1. Understand your area of interest to maximize your potential
  2. Consider your instructor’s interests to select a compelling topic
  3. Choose a topic that has not been widely chosen, but it should have enough research materials

If any find any challenges coming up with a topic, you can source palliative care dissertation topics online.

Best palliative care topics and examples

Getting an incredible topic can be an irksome task. Most students find it problematic searching a perfect topic for their dissertation since it requires time and comprehensive research. However, getting a good topic is the only guarantee of nailing an essay.

If you don’t fancy or aren’t sure of the topic to select, here are some exciting topics we have compiled for you. Ensure you select a suitable topic.

1.      Humanistic nursing theory and Palliative care

Palliative care is all about caring for the health of people. Palliative care is tasked with rescuing people from mental and physical stress and treating their symptoms as well as pain. Therefore, humanistic nursing theory improves the standards of life for patients and their families.

2.      Animal therapy assistance in palliative care

This type of assistance uses animals for educational and motivational purposes. It seeks to help in treating and improving the health conditions of patients.

3.      Curative and palliative choices

The palliative care phenomenon is a complex issue. This paper aims to criticize Norton’s article and Bowers concerning curative and palliative choices.

4.      Mortal palliative care

As you already know, palliative care patients tend to feel depressed. This means they are unlikely to make their own decisions. On the other hand, healthcare practitioners lack the knowledge and health required to guarantee excellent end-of-life care.

5.      Delayed vs. early palliative care

Here you can compare delayed and early palliative care management strategies and identify the advantages and disadvantages of both parameters.

6.      Solutions for issues and challenges in palliative care

Palliative care is a broad topic in nursing. It is, therefore, a multidisciplinary subject that seeks to give relief and help people undergoing life-threatening conditions. This can be an excellent topic for your discussion since it can attract many emotions.

7.      Training act, hospice education in palliative care

Have you found a good topic that might be perfect for your essay? If not, don’t worry yourself yet. There are still plenty of ideas.

In this topic, training act, hospice education, and palliative care, you will learn the need to support people’s families and patients facing serious illnesses. This can be solved by expanding their access to palliative care departments.

8.      The responsibilities of a nurse in palliative care hospitals

Nurses are critical professionals in health. Further, their roles in palliative care departments cannot be underestimated. In your dissertation, you can discuss how they facilitate communication with patients and offer support for various groups of patients.

9.      Health informatics and palliative nursing care

This is another excellent topic in case you are struggling to find one. There are a lot of ideas you can draw from health informatics.

In this topic, you can explore the potential healthcare challenges and evaluate the impacts of healthcare informatics and policy implementation.

10.  The organization of a palliative care setting

So far, you have seen plenty of ideas for palliative care dissertation topics, yet you are far from exhausting them. Did you know you can also discuss palliative care is organized? Yes, you can.

Palliative care is usually offered to patients upon their death bed. It is essential to understand that giving the best services for the remaining life is more relevant than extending a miserable life.

11.  The role of palliative care in managing grief

Palliative care aims to reduce emotions. Have you witnessed death before? Maybe a family member or a friend? How were the emotions? People run into high emotions during such times.

In your dissertation, you can talk about the importance of palliative care while managing grief among family members and friends. Death is always an irreversible process. Therefore, it is essential to provide palliative care to lower emotions.

Palliative care helps to relieve pain in terminal patients and brings solace to the bereaved and distressing symptoms.

12.  Palliative care in the nursing field

You will find good ideas to write about if this sounds like a good topic. All you need to do is to write early and conduct in-depth research.

Palliative care is about giving patients suffering from acute illness specialized care. It targets improving their living standards and reducing suffering in the process.

13.  Enhancing long-term nurses’ skills for palliative care

Health is a critical issue in society that requires the attention of insurance companies. As you already know, there has been a rising health crisis that necessitates the intervention of advanced healthcare facilities.

This topic gives you the chance to examine the concerns of healthcare practitioners. They need to be sure health insurance companies can insure the health services they offer to patients.

14.  Palliative care beneficiaries

Palliative care encompasses rational, bodily, and social demands and satisfaction of caregivers or patients. This move helps improve the livelihood of patients and their ability to recover easily.

15.  Improving the skills of nurses in palliative care

The skills of nurses should be reviewed and improved further to boost their services. You can examine some existing research targeting assessment and education tools nurses applied during referrals for palliative care.

16.  The ethical dilemma in modern nursing palliative care

Are you aware of ethical issues in nursing palliative care? This is an adventurous topic when looking for palliative care dissertation topics.

You can describe how changes in modern nursing require action to deal with ethical issues. Some of these concerns can equal the foundation of palliative care activities.

17.  Certified hospice and palliative nurse presentation

You might have already realized that being a certified hospice and palliative nurse is an area that requires emotional contact, compassion skills, and even long-term care skills for patients. It helps to understand the feelings of such patients.

18.  Essential nursing skills for palliative care

Suppose you fancy palliative care dissertation topics, nursing skills for palliative care will be a good topic for your discussion. This topic can allow you to analyze critically, just like any other field.

You can focus on understanding the knowledge of nurses in palliative care. Additionally, you can discuss the cross-sectional survey and the risks to anticipate.

19.  Trends and issues in palliative care

There are a lot of untapped topics for the dissertation, as you can see. It only depends on the ones you choose to dwell on. You will score good marks if you are lucky to find an interesting topic. These palliative care dissertation topics can be your game-changer.

Trends and issues are excellent topics. You can discuss various issues and trends in palliative care. If you don’t know how to begin, you can articulate the significance and role of palliative in the current health care system.

20.  The significance of palliative care in health

Palliative care is often overlooked despite being a significant part of health. If you study the importance of palliative care in society, you will conclude that it plays a major role in the health sector.

When you need to discuss the essence of palliative care, you can choose to examine the literature associated with the term palliative care. You can also review the justification of the application of evidence in upgrading the healthcare practice.

List of dissertation topics in palliative care

Palliative care has several topics that will help you exhaust your potential. The best way to deliver a good dissertation is to research for credible information and stick to the topic throughout the paper.

Most students don’t have enough time to choose a good topic that is best suited for their abilities. This reduces the quality of your grades. An exciting topic will help you write free-flowing content.

If the task of finding suitable palliative care dissertation care topics is problematic for you, worry more. Here is an excellent list of dissertation topics in palliative care for you.

  • You can discuss the synthesis of the literature on the training and skills of palliative care providers in maintaining the dignity of patients
  • Elaborate on possible challenges of palliative care in nursing and the impacts they have on the palliative caregivers’ profession
  • Talk about the perspective of a nurse on family goals and palliative care patients
  • Explain the significance of understanding the appropriate skills to work as a nurse in palliative care or hospice
  • Is there any emotional attachment between palliative care patients and nurses? Discuss
  • Discuss a review of palliative care for a teen suffering from cancer
  • Discuss how nurses manage parents during delivery
  • Conduct a primary study of the significance of self-care in palliative care groups
  • What is the role of nursing palliative care in advocating for the spiritual rights of children in palliative care wards?
  • What communication strategies for efficient interaction between palliative care providers and patients?
  • Examine the significance and benefits of good communication between a patient, family members, and nurse in palliative care

Latest nursing dissertation ideas on palliative care by industry experts

A nursing dissertation paper requires a good approach to select a good topic. To write a perfect paper, the topic you choose is excellent. Are you struggling to find a good topic? You are not alone. Most people find it tiresome to look for a good dissertation topic.

We are here to help you with the most sought-after health and dissertation topics. Read on to unlock fairer topic insights to explore this semester.

1.      Covid-19 nursing dissertation topics

  • Discuss a case study of future impacts of covid-19 nursing perspectives based on opinions
  • What is your opinion about the nursing profession? Is it underrated? Discuss your opinions based on a modern-day scenario
  • What are the role, history, and contribution of nurses? Further, explain how they are applicable in the current world post covid 19 pandemic
  • What role do holistic nurses play in treating older covid-19 patients?
  • Examine the best role of nurses during the never-ending catastrophe of covid-19 pandemic
  • Palliative nurses face a lot of challenges in administering their services. Attempt a study of their psychology and mental health as they experience and observe covid-19 death cases daily
  • Suggest ways in which nurses can participate in interactive therapeutic activities and games as a way of cheering up covid-19 patients
  • Nurses play a significant role in the covid-19 pandemic. What can you say about the future of nursing after the pandemic? Alternatively, examine the role of nurses after covid-19
  • The pandemic calls for critical measures. Discuss the nursing resources and knowledge that require mobilization during this difficult period
  • Which among nursing and medicine is more essential to a person suffering from mental dilemmas resulting from a covid-19 pandemic? Explain why

2.      Nursing critical care dissertation topics

  • How can you define critical care nursing? Discuss its execution and primary constituents of critical care nurses in determining their success
  • Examine the importance and role of critical care nurses during the covid-19 pandemic
  • Most people seem to ignore the health of nurses. Critically analyze the treatment of nurses during emergencies. State about their respect during critical hours. Are they respected?
  • What is your opinion about critical care nurses during the covid-19 pandemic era? Explore the possibility of nurses fighting for their rights on their own
  • Discuss the increased risks for nurses when treating covid patients
  • How is it possible for nurses to deal with covid-19 patients as well as care for ICU patients?
  • How can you describe critical care nursing? Support your suggestions using historical case studies
  • Do you think your country should increase the capacity of critical care nurses? If yes, suggest realistic measures
  • According to you, do you think the infrastructure and nursing resources are enough to support more uncertainties such as covid-19 pandemic? Explain your answer
  • Suggest better ways in which critical care nurses can maintain criticalities like the urgent need for oxygen, medical resources scarcity, and the likes

3.      Psychiatric/ mental health dissertation topics

  • Examine how nurses approach aged people dealing with depression, mid-life crises, and other issues
  • Discuss the role of nurses in improving the mental state of covid-19 patients to help them stay positive
  • Nurses are key players in the lives of teens. Explore how nurses participate in cheering up adolescents facing psychiatric disorders and mental traumas
  • Have you thought of practicing nursing ethics? What is your plan for teaching nursing ethics to treat patients suffering from depression and mental disorders?
  • The pandemic has exposed a lot of issues. What is the significance of awareness and mental health in the current world?

Unanswered research questions in palliative care

Here are the top ten unanswered research questions in palliative care;

  • What measures can be implemented to facilitate access to palliative care for everyone, irrespective of their region?
  • Explore various ways of giving palliative care services to patients after working hours to serve patients in their homes and prevent potential crises
  • Discuss the advantages of Advance Care Planning, among other approaches to incorporating patients’ preferences and listening to them. When should this be implemented, and by who?
  • What training and information should be offered to families and carers for them to provide good care to their loved ones who are in the process of dying, including educating them on appropriate medicines at home
  • Are there any main palliative care services given regardless of the patient’s diagnosis? If yes, what are they?
  • What can be done to ensure that healthcare staff, including assistants, are well trained to provide palliative care despite the place of delivering the care? Do you think increasing staff leads to an increase in quality of care provision?
  • What are the importance and ways of giving care to patients in their homes, and how can ensure care last longer? Will better service coordination have any effect?
  • Suggest possible ways of ensuring continuity of life for patients after death concerning contact staff. Will this boost quality of palliative care?

Simple and easy palliative care dissertation topics

You can write your palliative care dissertation topics paper based on these simple and easy topics. Select the most relevant topic for your discussion.

  • Explain the purpose and real meaning of palliative care
  • Are you aware of the palliative care initiative in Cambodia? Elaborate
  • Examine the role of negotiating palliative care in the medical field by experts
  • What are the ethical considerations concerning palliative care and terminal illness?
  • Explore the significance of valuing the dignity of a patient while delivering quality palliative care
  • How vital is symptom and pain management in palliative care?
  • What are the effects of hypercalcemia and treatment for patients?
  • Discuss ethical aspects of nursing palliative care
  • Discuss the significance of nurse-led home care for palliative care patients
  • Examine the principles propagated by nursing palliative care advocate
  • What are the similarities and differences between hospice care and palliative care?
  • Elaborate on various approaches toward health policy for palliative care
  • What are the mental health and physical domains of palliative care?
  • Describe palliative care and hospice organizations overview
  • Discuss the principles, history, and delivery of palliative care
  • What is the best way of controlling primary symptoms in palliative care?
  • Psychological and physical palliative care domains
  • Discuss oncology assessment, psychosocial screening, and palliative care departments
  • Explain palliative care, microbiome, and malignant fungating wounds

Interesting nursing dissertation topics palliative care practitioners

Sometimes students find it hard to search for excellent palliative care dissertation topics that would impress their tutors. It is challenging since there are plenty of options for palliative care topics available online.

If you are struggling to find a good topic, here is a customized list of interesting palliative care dissertation topics you can use.

  • What are the types of equipment and technology applied in palliative care wards? This topic aims to explore the significance of equipment and technology appropriate for palliative care hospitals.
  • A patient’s mental health. This dissertation idea seeks to highlight the effect of staying in intensive care on the mental health of a patient
  • How is the progress of palliative care in European and nursing care homes?
  • Explore the professionalism of nurses across different levels of providing palliative care
  • What are the attitudes and knowledge of undergraduate students about palliative care?
  • Conduct thorough research on the effects of specific nursing skills essential for cancer patients in palliative care in the United Kingdom
  • Discuss the effect of modern medical malpractice aspects on palliative healthcare quality in the United Kingdom
  • A critical analysis of measures that can be taken to support clergy mental health in the palliative care hospitals
  • What is the significance of mental health counseling for aged patients in palliative care hospitals?
  • Understanding the importance of the current pain management techniques in nursing palliative care for UK’s HIV patients
  • Analyze the impacts of stress on a nurse while providing palliative care services to mental health patients
  • Explore practical ways in which a nurse can treat patients suffering from severe communication difficulties during a life-threatening situation
  • Critically analyze some of the pain relief therapies that nursing staff use in treating palliative care patients
  • Describe the benefits and significance of physical activity as a way of boosting a patient’s mental health in a palliative care hospital

Bottom line

Hopefully, this article was helpful in providing you with the best palliative care dissertation topics. Don’t take the palliative care essay topic ideas word-for-word; instead, use the topics as an eye-opener and create your own titles. Try to be smart and not lazy as much as possible. You can customize these topics to suit your interests. Doing this will make your paper unique and interesting to read. If you stumble on any problems or have comments to make or wish to outsource your work to our experts, visit us at

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