The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act focus on health promotion

Today, Health care delivery system has been increasingly expensive because of the shortage of health care professionals and costs of health care. Not only that, the costs of medical treatment been doubled with in ten years for each individual. The Affordable Care Act intends to resolve the health care problems in the United States and developing the resources to improve the health care delivery system (Abrams et al., 2015). In this situation, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act focus on health promotion and disease prevention for the people. The PPACA build the new models to deliver the care that would be essential to the patients and families in low costs. The PPACA plan is to lower the health costs with in ten years. “The major ways that these cost savings will be accomplished are promoting health and preventing disease, decreasing reliance on fee for service, providing cost-effective care, and using the electronic health record (EHR) across settings. Two of the delivery systems highlighted in PPACA are the “Patient Centered Medical Home” (PCMH) and the “Accountable Care Organization” (ACO)” (Hass, 2011). The PPACA established to deliver the care in health system by involving interdisciplinary care team because they can work together to provide most cost effective care and coordinate each other to achieve better outcomes. For example, Electronic health record information is available to entire health care team to share the information and evaluate the care if action needs to be taken. The interdisciplinary care team can monitor the patients if their chronic health problems need to be managed by educating or counseling them. The entire team members can document their notes and it will be easier to access their documentation to the rest of the team who is involved in patient’s care. Not only that, the results would be also available in timely manner to evaluate as well as it reduces the error on documentation. The EHR is reliable tools to use today and it is a great way to deliver the care to the patients to achieve better outcomes.


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